Memory Castings Pets

The Artists

Desneige Meyer ~ Owner, Sculptor and Baby-cuddler
Desneige is the voice you get on the phone and the artist who works with families. She was formally trained at the Alberta College of Art and Design where she majored in Glass Blowing, but fell in love with life casting and has been doing it for 13 years. Desneige is mom to kindergartener, Beckett, and in passionate about Shel Silverstein, pet chickens and the art of Pablo Picasso.

Kristina ~ Sculptor, Sander and Pets Sculptor
Kristina originally found Memory Castings when having her 7-week old son, Tyler, cast five years ago. Loving her castings, she bought so many Gift Certificates for friends we finally decided she should work here! Kristina can usually be found covered head to toe in dust, and is very busy sculpting and framing paws for our Memory Castings PETS division.

Irene ~ Framing specialist
Irene is one of the most talented free-hand illustrators in BC and we are so lucky to have her eye gracing our framing studio. Of course she has so many other fun jobs around the studio, but she touches every single frame that we make.

Gilmore ~The studio cat
Gilmore adds absolutely nothing to our studio except love and cat hair. Occasionally she likes to spill paint or track dust through the studio on her paws.



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