Memory Castings Pets


The love between siblings is tender and dear, tumultuous and fraught with ups and downs.  But in the end, most siblings stick together as friends long after the squabbles over toys and whose turn it is to do a chore.

Sibling castings can be made as classic Framed Memory Castings, depicting all your children together in either matching shadowboxes or all in one shadowbox together.
Or siblings can be celebrated through a Love Sculpture instead, with them all holding hands.

Many of our clients are coming to us for the first
time with their second or third child, and feel sad
that they didn’t get a Memory Casting while their
older children were small. This is the perfect way to circumvent any guilt.  Instead we made the castings
not about who was a baby when, but instead
about Who is the big brother and who is
the little sister… Kids love to compare,
and this is a great way to do it.



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