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Casting like the movie stars! When we create larger sculptures of the body, sometimes it makes more sense to create the mould using skin-safe rubber products designed for the movie industry to cast prosthetics.

Rubber moulds take a little longer to cast, but allow us to make multiple castings from the mould we take of your body.

When we cast with rubber on the body, first we will apply a release crème to your skin to make sure that none of your tiny hairs get caught in the mould. Then we apply a thin layer of liquid rubber to your skin by hand. It's drippy, sticky, messy and fun! If we just used the rubber as-is, it would come off your body like a loose rubber glove, which would be impossible to cast from. So, the next step is to embed the rubber with cotton and plaster bandage, creating a firm "mother mould".

Within about an hour the whole process is done and the mould parts (the rubber and the plaster shell) are removed from your body and ready for pouring with stone, concrete, resin or cold-cast metal.


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