Memory Castings Pets

The Process

1.Book your Consultation/Casting appointment for our Abbotsford or Vancouver studios, or for in your home. You can do this electronically, or by calling us at 1-877-615-8450.

2.Your appointment will involve a full consultation to decide exactly what your castings are going to look like. Have any photos, keepsakes or ideas ready for our appointment if you can, but don't worry at all if you have no idea what you want. It's our artist's job to help you design the perfect piece of artwork for your home and taste!

Then we will do the castings! Babies only take about 45 seconds for each hand and foot, but planning your appointment for a time of day they are happiest is still a good idea.

3. It generally takes 4 weeks to finish Framed Memory Castings and 8-12 weeks to finish larger sculptures.

4.Show off your Memory Castings and tell all your friends!


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