Memory Castings Pets


Because little pets leave BIG impressions in our lives.

Memory Castings has a whole division dedicated to our four-legged, furry friends. We offer a variety of products for pet castings, including Medallion Castings and Framed castings.

We work only with cats and dogs who are well trained, obedient and have their current shots, to ensure the safety of our staff.  The process involves wetting their paw with vegetable oil and then holding it still in a container of Alginate for 45 seconds, so it is imperative that your pet has a peaceful demeanour.

For our clients who are experiencing the loss of your pet, our condolences to you. Memory Castings PETS provides bereavement paw casting services though 130 lower-mainland veterinarians.  Please visit out PETS site for more information and to chose a veterinarian that we work with.


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