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Memory Castings is all about service, and there's no better way to start than with fair, transparent pricing. All prices below are based on casting in your home (anywhere in the Lower Mainland or Fraser Valley, or City of Winnipeg) and includes delivery of the finished artwork.

Classic Stone Framed Memory Castings
No matter the age, size or species (human or animal), our Classic Stone Framed Memory Castings are all custom framed to order. We are happy to include the framing in any style you want it within any of our available stocked shadow boxes, we will mount photos, writing, and keepsakes at no extra cost.  The only factor affecting the price is how many sculptures are going in the frame.

• One Sculpture (hand, foot or paw): $265
• Two Sculptures (one hand and one foot): $295
• Four Sculptures (both hands and both feet): $365
• Add a bum casting to any of those options: +$65

It doesn't matter whose castings are in the frame, so if you want to mix up some siblings or family members into a frame, that's just fine by us!

Extra Copies of your Framed Memory Castings
Since we are already casting, why not make a set for the grandparents? You'll save about 40% on your gifts by ordering them at your casting appointemnt.

• Duplicate frame of Two Castings: $175
• Duplicate frame of Four Castings: $225

Gift frames do not need to look like your originals from home, but they will include duplicates of the hands and feet themselves. All extra frames must be ordered at the casting appointment to get this special discount.

Cold-Cast Bronze, Copper or Silver Castings
Want something extra special? We can upgrade any Classic Stone Memory Casting to real cold-cast metal! Prices vary by type of metal and the size of the castings, but you can anticipate about triple the cost. Contact us for a quote!

Love Sculptures
Love Sculptures can range significantly in style, and price as well. The most common castings are either two people holding hands (either in prayer, or in some other standing up position); or as a Family collage -- you can even wear your wedding rings.

• As a general rule, expect $150 per person - please contact us for a design consultation and a custom quote

Add a base: This can add anywhere from $100 to $250 depending on the base material.

Turn your sculpture to metal! We are now creating projects using cold cast metal techniques. Have your casting created in bronze, copper, aluminum, nickel silver or brass.  Roughly triples the casting price, depending on the sculpture and metal.

Belly Sculptures
Our belly sculptures get the same amazing detail as our little hands and feet. You do not get a lumpy plaster bandage shell of what your body looked like (called a belly mask, or belly cast)… Instead Memory Castings only provides full, high detail, quality sculpture services. The process takes a while longer, but the results are outstanding!

• Bellies start around $500 and move up from there. Please contact us for a design consultation and a detailed quote.


Gift Items
We offer a variety of gift items at different costs.

• Gift Certificates: Available in any dollar amount. We can mail you a beautifully printed certificate with photo album and gift bag at no extra cost. We are also happy to create an e-certificate if you are in a hurry.

• Fridge Magnets: Baby feet magnets are a hit at just $40 each. Volume discounts for more than 10 magnets are available.

• Medallion Ornaments: $65 each.

• Key Chains: $85 each. Made of resin (plastic) and tinted in any colour you desire.

• Rubber Stamp: $95 each. Includes two ink pads.

• Extra copies of framed castings: Order extra frame copies at your casting appointemnt and save roughly 40% on these gifts.
     • Two Castings Gift Frames = $175
     • Four Casting Gift Frames = $225

Adult Castings
All bodies are created differently, and so are each body casting. Please request a quote for your body casting giving us as much information about who you are envisioning as you can. Let us know where and how you want to display it, what materials you are thinking of for the finished sculpture, your budget if you have one, and as much about your body and the pose you are considering as you can.

Repairs to your home-made castings, or copies of them!
In 12 years of business we have had a LOT of requests to repair home-made castings, castings from other artists, or castings made in a hospital or hospice. We are honoured to do this work and would love to give you a custom quote. Please send us images of what you have when requesting a quote so we can give you a more accurate response.


All fees are subject to GST and PST. A 50% deposit will be required at the original consultation/casting appointment. We accept cash, checks, Visa and Mastercard.

Cancellation Policy: Please give 48 hours notice for all cancellations.


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