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One of our newest passions: The Growth Chart

We all have memories of growing children lost on a door jamb in some old house we no longer live in.  Memory Castings Growth Charts are so much more tangible.

Set up appointments in advance to watch your baby grow and change... Memory Castings Growth Charts and start at any time, but include at least three sets of castings taken months or years apart. It is amazing to see not only how much size a child gains between each appointment, but also the other changes in their mannerisms, the losing of baby chub between fingers and toes, and even the willingness to open up their fist and lay their hands flat.

We set a casting schedule in advance; for instance - Newborn, 6 months, 1 year and 2 years old to make sure no milestone gets forgotten in the business of raising wee ones. When all the dates have been reached all the castings get framed and displayed together in one of our special, large shadowboxes.


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