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Give Meaningful Gifts

A new baby isn't just a blessing for you, but a gift to everyone who loves her! Memory Castings offers many wonderful gift options for families, friends, grandparents and Godparents.

Some of our favourite gifts are:

•Fridge Magnets: A perfect 3D casting of baby's hand or foot your fridge or filing cabinet. Painted in any colour. Appropriate for newborns to age 3 (unless you want a REALLY big magnet).

•Medallion Ornaments: Baby's hand or foot in 3D coming out of a beautiful hanging ornament. Perfect for Baby's First Christmas!

•Key chains: Keep your little one close at all times! Our key chains are made of durable resin (plastic) which can be tinted in any colour. You wont break it, and you won't lose it!

•Rubber stamp: We can make a rubber version of baby's perfect little foot in 3D, for addressing all those birth announcements and thank you cards. Each time you stamp it, it's a bit different, just like using baby's real foot.

•Framed Memory Casting Copies: Additional copies of your framed castings are about 40% off the original price, so start thinking ahead to the holidays and birthdays!

•Gift Certificates: Our certificates are truly a complete gift, not just a card in an envelope! We customize the print on the certificate to suit your receiver exactly, and include a photo album of casting samples all wrapped up and ready to give.

Please note: Our Alginate moulds of baby's hands and feet deteriorate quickly, and cannot be saved for more than 5 days. If you think you will be wanting some gift items along with your order, we must know as soon as possible, preferable at the Casting/Consultation appointment.



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