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Pregnancy is a wonderful time. You are growing, changing, and expecting the greatest gift you will ever receive. You may also be feeling fat, tired and ready to get this baby out!

Our Expecting Mommy sculptures are so much fun. Baby usually squirms around while we apply the Alginate to your tummy. You get to (have to) sit still for an hour with absolutely nothing else to do but enjoy while we pamper you and cover you in goo. The finished sculpture, whether it is just your belly or your whole torso, is always absolutely breathtaking.

Sculptures can be made for indoor or outdoor display (our in your flower garden is a beautiful comment about your own growing life), and can be free-standing or wall-mounted. Think about including daddy's hands embracing your tummy. Decide whether you want to include your swollen chest or stay covered up for modesty. So many options are available for this once in a lifetime event.


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