Memory Castings Pets


Safe enough to eat! We use only medical grade Dental Alginate for all baby, child and pet castings.  It is a safe, quick casting material used by dentists to make impressions inside your mouth.  It is safe to eat, hypoallergenic and compostable. 

To cast hands and feet we mix Alginate powder with luke-warm water and pour it into a plastic containerat a time..  It looks like a milk shake and smells sweet. Then we place baby's whole hand or foot in the mixture for about 45 seconds.  This is all it takes to get perfect casting right down to their wee little wrinkles. 

Babies don't stay still!  A little bit of wiggling is perfectly fine and won't hurt the mould at all.  We inspect every mould right away after casting it, to see if it looks perfect.  If there are any flaws we'll just cast that hand or foot over again right away to ensure a perfect sculpture in the end.


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