Memory Castings

Sculptures That Stop Time!

When you love someone so much it hurts to think of them changing, then it's time for Memory Casting. We create Sculptures that Stop Time!

Memory Casting is a truly magical form of art based on the ancient process of life casting; meaning to cast from life. We create highly detailed sculptures using the hands, feet, bodies and paws of the people and pets that are most important in your life. 

Working with our professional artists and sculptors your Memory Castings are more than just reproductions - they are custom tailored to tell a very special story about your life.

World Famous Baby Hand and Feet casts are our specialty, but we are more than just newborn imprints. Think grandparents holding hands, sexy body sculptures for your partner and cherished family collages. We can cast anything and any body to perfection.

We are located in Abbotsford, British Columbia, but serve the Greater Vancouver area and Fraser Valley with our mobile service. Call us TODAY before time slips away!


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